Nevada City Constitution Day Parade 2006

“Freedom of Speech” was the theme for this year’s 40th Annual Nevada City Constitution Day Parade. Many at this year’s event expressed speaking this freedom, as the local communities involvement was very enthusiastic. At the core of this community involvement with the parade are the Masons of Nevada Lodge 13 in Nevada City. The leaders of the local media were there, as well as the Boy Scouts who were everywhere in the streets making sure that anyone that needed assistance got it, spreading smiles along the way. The Marching Presidents made such a spectacular presence that Turtle Vision Photo published a special gallery of just them! As sometimes happens, history repeated itself. The “Constitution Signing Reenactment” went perfect, in front of a cheering crowd! And the festivities continued throughout the day.

Nevada City Constitution Day Parade 2005

The Daughters of the American Revolution were responsible for the resolution that was adopted by both houses of Congress in 1955 and resulted in the annual designation of Sept. 17-23 as Constitution week giving Nevada City the opportunity for a celebration. This year’s 39th Annual Nevada City Constitution Day Parade, Sept. 11, 2005, has been reported to be the oldest and largest Constitution Day observance in Western America. The celebration started with the reenactment of the signing of the Constitution by members of various Masonic lodges dressed in period costume. The parade was organized by Nevada City Masons, Nevada Chapter 13, and had as its Grand Marshal David R. Doan, Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Masons in California. The theme of this parade focused on the 19th amendment, which was passed on August 26, 1920, giving women the right to vote. The parade started with Uncle Sam on stilts, and was full of wonderful sights and sounds that went on and on. Turtle Vision invites you to visit the gallery and see for yourself!