Presenters of Living History

Presenters of Living History is an organization dedicated to making history come alive through hands-on workshops and presentations. The workshops are aligned with the California State Social Science Standards and are designed to make the standards more fun and accessible to students. Under the coordination of Patrick Franz, the Presenters of Living History dress in authentic costumes, 16th century English for Renaissance days and Civil War period for Civil War days.  Many do 1st person interpretation, speaking and acting, as would a person of the English Elizabethan era.  Students are also encouraged to come in costume to make the experience come alive. The Renaissance craft workshops include Basketry, Wheat Weaving, and Rag Poppets.  Students create a craft as well as learn how each related to Renaissance daily life. The use of natural resources, folklore, and the importance of agriculture and religion are integrated into these workshops. Activity workshops include Battle Pageantry, Rounders, Dance, and St. George and the Dragon.  Battle Pageantry stresses the history of battle and warfare strategies.  Rounders is the predecessor of baseball and is based on castle sieges and scouting the enemy during war.  In the Dance workshop students learn authentic Renaissance country-dances.  St. George and the Dragon is a morality play involving good and true knights, virtuous damsels, and evil dragons.  Its original purpose was to teach children and illiterate peasants. The two lecture workshops are on Renaissance Daily Life, presented by Master William Shakespeare and Story Telling.  

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