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Special Thanks to a Special Altaresta' for making this presentation of the Altar Show possible!

Multi hued and in many flavors the altars await you. Each is almost like like a finger print and unique to it's maker. This is where people usually regard themselves other than artists who produce the most pure and vibrant art. These altars are all really windows into other realms, in the tradition of The Day of The Dead from which our altar show has evolved these days are regarded as a special time when the separation between the worlds of the living and the dead weakens and communication is possible. Along side the altar maker or Altaresta' you will be looking through a window and into a sacred realm and perhaps feel an affinity with the unique feelings evoked in this special creation. The space of the Altar Show has been made sacred through ceremony to accommodate the spirits and this special communication. While many altars celebrate the remembrance of a loved one others have entirely different content but all are the product of the deep and committed involvement on the part of the Altaresta' or in some cases several Altarestas' who produced each special altar. Communication between levels within ourselves is evident too, there is self discovery in altar building along with clarification and renewal. Many people who view the altars come several times while the show is running, with each new viewing another layer of understanding emerges along with greater appreciation. Some of the altars in the show will "grab you", and there is sure to be at least one that transports you to untouched places within yourself and perhaps you will find this to be your mode of expression too and thus wait impatiently for next year.
Blessings, Robert Mumm 

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